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5 Year Vow Renewal at the Red Barn Ranch!

by Talia — Posted on 12/04/2014


The day arrived as quickly as it was over. Jeff and I renewed our vows in front of the closest friends and family. Initially the plan was to have family in town to babysit the kids so Jeff and I could take a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas, but then we realized we really don’t get to spend much time with family, and with Thanksgiving being right around the corner and knowing you’d all be out of town so soon, we decided to stay, have an early Thanksgiving, and treat all the people who’ve really been there for us these past 5 years. There were other reasons to do this as well. Back when Jeff and I got married we were both a little too shy to say personal vows to one another and just went with the traditional. Since our own wedding we’ve been to.. well, at least a hundred weddings together where we would hear brides and grooms sharing these beautiful personalized vows. It was our only regret from our wedding day that we didn’t do this and they truly are so much more meaningful! I would have been okay with just reciting these under a tree, alone, but alas! Any time cheese, meat, olives, and wine is involved we gather up with loved ones anyway! So really? This whole day was a treat to everyone else, it was so much fun to do this!

I was THRILLED to finally have a reason to wear that 1980’s vintage (or…antique?) Oscar de la Renta dress that one of my aunts gave me while I was pregnant. Oh, you know… just an uber-fancy dress that’s been hanging in her closet and she hadn’t worn since some presidential inauguration in the Philippines. NBD. I remembered taking the dress thinking.. where on earth am I going to wear something like this?! When I asked her, she laughed and said, “oh you know… when you and Jeff take trips to Milan or France!” (This was as she was gracing me with dozens of beautiful dresses!) Umm… yeah. When do I have the time (or help!) to just up and leave for a quick trip to Milan? She’s still one of my favorite aunts. 😉

For our wedding back in 2009 Jeff did what most grooms do and rented a suit from Mens Wearhouse. I know now that they just take your measurements and then go to the back room and find what’s CLOSEST to your size. It wouldn’t be fair if I was dawning Oscar de la Renta and he was in, well, Oscar de la RENTED. Haha! So he was treated to a new fitted Tommy Hilfiger suit that he looked mighty dapper in!

In fact, we all felt pretty amazing that day. My sister Rebecca made Amelia the PERFECT little dress to go along with mine, and even Seb was decked out in a suit and tie. The best part?! Everyone we invited got FANCY, and LOVED IT! “Why don’t we do this more often?!” – That had to be the most asked question of the day. And seriously, WHY DON’T WE? Even Rebecca was wearing a vintage dress from the early 90’s.. from the same aunt’s closet btw! It was great seeing all my friends and family decked out, eating cheese and olives underneath gorgeous trees with beautiful views!

To see more of the renewal, here is a video to check out! Jeff and Talia’s Vow Renewal


Venue: Red Barn Ranch, Valley Center, CA

Styling: Natalia Cruz and Mae Madge Mendoza

Coordinated by: Mae Madge Mendoza Making Mantra

Photography: Jeff and Natalia Cruz TaliaStudio

Video: Ray Quiambao TaliaStudio and DorianFilms

Natalia & Rebecca’s Makeup : Erika Fitzgerald IndieSmash

Natalia’s Dress: Oscar de la Renta

Amelia’s Dress: Custom made by Rebecca Soriano Larsen Little Otto Shop



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